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Assisted Reproductive Law - Surrogacy & Egg Donation
Attorney and Partner, Robert R. Walmsley, has proudly been building families through Surrogacy & Adoption for nearly 30 years.  At Jarrette & Walmsley, LLP it is our mission to provide every client with the legal assurances and personal support needed to begin building families with certainty and confidence. 
Future parents now have choices. Incredible advances in science and fertility medicine, have finally made it possible for infertile individuals and couples to begin families through the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) & In-Vitro fertilization (IVF). Believing all individuals have the right to begin the family they so desperately desire, Attorney Walmsley has been at the forefront of Assisted Reproductive Law including surrogate parenting and egg donation. In 1993, Mr. Walmsley argued before the Supreme Court in the milestone case Johnson v. Calvert - one of the first cases to define surrogacy law in California. 

Jarrette & Walmsley, LLP represents intended parents, surrogates and egg donors in all areas of reproductive law including:

  • Drafting & Negotiating Surrogacy (IVF) Agreements
  • Drafting & Negotiating Ova (egg) Donor Agreements
  • Drafting & Negotiating Embryo Donation Agreements
  • Drafting & Negotiating Sperm Donor Contracts
  • Establishing Parentage
  • Obtaining Pre-Birth and Post-Birth Judgments
  • Providing Financial & Trust Account Management
  • Birth Registry
  • Assistance Connecting with Fertility Specialists & Other Professional Services
Adoption Law
Having personally and professionally experienced the challenges of infertility and adoption, Attorneys and parents, Robert Walmsley and Marlea Jarrette, know that parenting is a gift like none other. It is a choice of incredible responsibility and tremendous pride that everyone should be able to experience. Adoption is such a beautiful way to open both your heart and your home to a new life and a new family. At Jarrette & Walmsley, LLP, we acknowledge that the process can be long and difficult. At Jarrette & Walmsley, LLP your comfort and confidence in the process is our priority. We offer a warm and safe environment where you will always feel welcome and know that your concerns are truly being heard.

Jarrette & Walmsley, LLP provides legal representation, adoption plans and guidance for the following:

  • Independent Adoptions
  • Agency Adoptions
  • International Adoptions
  • Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Same-Sex Adoptions
  • Single Parent Adoptions
  • Relative Adoptions
  • Adult Adoptions

Family Building
"Little souls find their way to you, whether they're from your womb or someone else's." 
~ Sheryl Crow

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